Committed to Sustainable Forestry

Environmental stewardship is the management of natural resources; it is using and protecting the natural environment responsibly to conserve and sustain it for future generations.

Northland Forest Products Ltd. is committed to managing Alberta’s forest resources using world class forest stewardship. Harvesting a forest ‘sustainably’ means harvesting below the rate at which the forest grows. We manage Alberta’s forest resources sustainably to maintain biodiversity, future fiber supply, and areas for outdoor pursuits.

Energy and mineral resource expansion, increasing numbers of roads and access routes, agricultural and urban sprawl, and natural disturbances result in decreasing forest land base. Although this gives us the opportunity to practice forest stewardship on reclaimed lands and offer our expertise on growing a forest, the truth is our forest land base is getting smaller so we need to do our best to manage what we’ve got.

By being committed to world class forest stewardship practices in Alberta we hope to help maintain Canada as a world leader in sustainable forest management practices.