From the Forest to the Mill

The process of lumber manufacturing doesn’t actually start at the sawmill; first the trees must be harvested and that takes planning; a lot of planning. The crown lands that we harvest belong to Albertans, meaning we harvest the timber resources but the land and resource ownership is retained by Albertans. The Alberta government safeguards the crown lands on your behalf, administers the rights to companies to utilize the resources on the crown lands and they collect royalties for it.

When we are talking about the timber resources, each Forest Management Unit in the Province undergoes very comprehensive calculations computed by the government over a number of years to determine an Annual Allowable Cut (AAC). The AAC conveys the amount of wood that can be harvested in the Province within a one-year period to ensure its sustainability. In doing this they set aside a portion of the AAC for natural forest reductions such as fire, insect damage, and wind damage. Once the AAC is determined, the timber can be allocated to different companies. There must be an agreement in place between the Alberta government on your behalf and these companies (the resource users). The agreement that allows Northland to harvest your timber resources is called a quota. Check out the rest of the process below.